Create a Custom Work Environment With JackBuilt

Create a Custom Work Environment With JackBuilt

Call for commercial renovation and building services in Orange, TX

Are you moving your Orange, TX business to a new location? Let the experienced general contractors at JackBuilt renovate the space to meet your needs. With our painting, carpentry, lighting and custom woodworking services, we can do what it takes to transform any commercial building into a stylish and functional space.

Our renovation work is solid in Orange, TX

If you’re looking to renovate your commercial space, make sure you have an experienced general contractor lined up to get the job done right. For over 25 years, we have been renovating convenience stores, offices, churches and other facilities in the Orange, TX area. Our services include:

  • Installing custom cabinets and fences
  • Completing lighting and plumbing work
  • Painting interior and exterior spaces

We strive to complete commercial renovation projects quickly for business owners in the Orange, TX area. Our goal is to have you back in business as soon as possible. Looking to build a new structure or building? We've got you covered. 

Call 409-877-1630 to schedule a consultation with JackBuilt today.